About us


We specialise in Afro & European Hair. Latenda Hair Salon has 25 years in the hair & beauty industry. She began her career at a very young age right after her Medical & Human Sciences Bachelors Degree which give her a vast knowledge of all aspects of hair and scalp disorders. Latenda Hair Salon regularly works with musicians, actors, designers, models and artists. Her clients range from 16 to their sixties, from trendy teens to mature women.

Latenda and her team particularly enjoy working with hair weaves & live photoshoots. Her work has been featured in Black Hair and Beauty Magazine, Pride Magazine & worked on Screen Nation Awards 2015/2016. Latenda is widely considered to be one of the most influential hairdressers in the UK. With a vast amount of experience, Latenda is truly becoming a household name within the hair & beauty industry.


Latenda Hair Salon specialises in protective hair styling which includes weaves, wigs, bobs, natural hair maintenance.

We are ambassadors for natural looking protective styles, such as weaves with natural leave out and weaves with natural looking closures. Our main focus is to take care of all our clients hair, as we appreciate that many of our clients want to be able to grow their natural hair whilst wearing weaves and wigs.

To sustain healthy hair growth and appearance we assess & treat our client’s hair based on the condition ensuring we advise them on protective styling and recommended relevant products to allow them to maintain natural looking hair styles. We aim to continue to educate on the importance of protective styling, whilst we create stunning styles that leave our clients feeling confident & beautiful.

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