If you are like many black women, you have suffered from an itchy scalp at one point or another. Rampant and chronic itchiness is not only annoying, it is embarrassing. Imagine a situation where you are in public and you get an urgent desire to scratch. You might reach for a pen, stick, a comb or simply pat your head with the palm of your hands. Either way, you feel like everyone is watching and judging you, they might think you are infested or dirty. You are suddenly paranoid about your social standing and immediately look for a nearby hole in which to bury yourself. But before you make that hole a permanent home, I am here to deliver some good news. You are not alone.
Most women have suffered from this condition at one point or another especially if they wear hair extensions. But if you would like to cure your ‘tricky tickle’ forever, you must first identify what is causing it. At the outset of a healthy scalp journey, we must first understand that not all itchiness is created equal. Some of it is quite normal and harmless, but others may be an indication of a much more sinister problem.

If you are constantly scratching your head, here are a few causes and solutions to consider…

Article posted for: Bella Naija
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